Rob Sanders Architects is best known for sensitive, responsive designs which engage both architectural and natural context and create a sense of place – your place.

By carefully listening to client needs and dreams, drawing on experience and a well-honed sense of appropriate scale, the firm creates stylish, elegant spaces which meet – and exceed – expectations.

RSA believes that your living spaces should be infused with the beauty that comes from correct proportions, scale, materials, and the quality of light.

In this context, bigger is not always better. Your lifestyle is uplifted by surroundings that make you feel deliciously comfortable and “just right”.

Beyond fine design, hallmarks of RSA projects are respect for the site and the desire to conserve resources.

Designs are environmentally responsive: sensitive to the sun moving around a property and its impact on day lighting and passive heating; the direction of prevailing winds; adjacency to wetlands, important trees, and other landscape features.

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